I love working with people.


From board retreats, staff trainings and off-site workshops at the challenge course, my work as a Seattle-based facilitator is focused on equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education and community development. Together we enhance your ability to take action and see results.


I look at how groups work together so they can perform at their highest potential. The work of a group can be imagined as a brick wall of a building. Progress is made brick by brick. The way in which the group works together is like the mortar holding the work (bricks) together.  In this way, how well a group works together affects how well outcomes are delivered or the mission is met.



As a social justice advocate and white woman. I strive to live in integrity with my values. I envision the nonprofit sector as a place that is providing wanted and needed services with a sustainable model for long-term impact. This starts with self-awareness of implicate bias and power and privilege dynamics. I am committed to creating sector-wide transformation based in equity and connection work.

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HR consulting

From hiring to evaluating, HR is a place for an organization to live its values. In partnership with HR and Equity Consulting Firm, we provide handbook assessments, training and toolkits to increase your diversity. You value equity, diversity and inclusion. You want to improve your HR practices. We can support you. Let's look at your HR and your success.

Fleur is highly attuned to interpersonal relationships and is able to uncover and explore the biases that both inform our work and hold us back. She has helped me reframe my assumptions and use that new perspective to find solutions to problems in a completely new light. She has a unique ability to see strength in diversity even when that means including perspectives that are hard to unite.
— Kate Dean, Commissioner Jefferson County
I am an 'Approved Specialist' with  501 Commons

I am an 'Approved Specialist' with 501 Commons


The main ways I am trying to be accountable as a white person is doing racial justice work in relationship with people of color that I am collaborating or facilitating with specifically women of color: Keonna Jackson, Natasha Marin, Jabali Stewart, Aparna Rae, and Andrea Lising. 

I lead a lot of white caucus work while being accountable to our colleagues of color. I just moderated 3 panels on intersectional feminism for the Day of Action this past Sunday centering WOC voices.

Organizations that I work with or support that are led by POC are Wayfind Legal, Nonprofit Assistance Center, Resource Generation, Social Justice Fund, Justlead and donate to Real Rent Duwamish.

White groups/colleagues that I go to or lead are European Dissent, Nonprofit Anti-Racist Coalition and anti-racist white women for equity.

I make mistakes often, I make amends imperfectly, and I am committed to living in integrity and in connection.


Rates and Services

FLF works across all sectors and industries (nonprofit, education, government, tech and corporate). The work of building diverse teams, inclusive work environments and a stronger understanding of racial equity takes many shapes. Below are most common ways in which FLF engages with clients.

My rates listed below are a range that is grounded in equity based on who the client is.

With total organization budgets under $800,000 and/or people of color led organizations I offer pro-bono or charge the low end. For larger organizations or for-profit companies I charge the higher end.


Group Facilitation                                                                     


  • Generate authentic and open conversation

  • Build shared fluency of language and value connection

  • Align vertically from top to bottom and across teams to whole organization

Ideal for groups of 30-250 Day Rate (5-6 hours)  $2,000 - 4,500 Half Day  (less than 4 hours) $1,500-3,200


HR and Equity     


  • Utilize 6 key HR decision points and change opportunities

  • Create and align around shared language to codify best practices and policies

  • Develop functional employee resource groups or communities of practice

Company wide Hourly (less than 4 hours) $150  - 350+


Small Group and Leadership Coaching


  • Support for key leaders or decision makers

  • Opportunity for deep dive into critical areas focused on values and implementation alignment

  • Understand peronsal bias, systemic oppression and institutional barriers

Ideal for groups of 10-25 Hourly (less than 4 hours) $175 - 250 Per facilitator


Note: For longer term projects, cost is determined based on project outcomes

*For organizations with revenue  under $500,000/year, FLF can offer a ‘Unity’ rate **Rate does not including travel, lodging, and per diem expenses ***Hourly rates apply to consultative work, and to half-day trainings. This does not include prep and follow-up time; we bill for all hours we work, including prep and follow-up.