Personal Reflections on Conflict

I've been digging into conflict and my relationship to it to support my racial equity work. There have been some patterns with clients around their culture of conflict and POC staff retention. How your workplace handles conflict is an important indicator of how well you can create and maintain a culture of belonging. Is there gossip, triangulation or undermining? Do you openly address staff morale or disagreements? While keeping confidentiality, what lessons learned can be shared with everyone to openly process and move through healthy conflict?

In my personal and professional life, I have more people I'm in conflict with now than ever before. Growing up here in Seattle, drenched in the passive aggressive and conflict adverse cultural norms, I'm muddling and squirming my way through conflict. It might just be progress that I actually am having conflicts instead of avoiding them. Imperfectly, I'm striving to live in integrity with my values for myself and my community (making many mistakes along the way).