Spring 2019 Resources

I just returned from the Othering and Belonging Conference in Oakland Ca. I hadn't been to the Bay Area for a few years, visiting was like a breath of fresh air and nice contrast to Seattle provincial norms. Art in the street, people who engage and say hello to strangers. It was a powerful and impactful two days full of brilliant speakers, facilitators and storytellers. My goals were to connect and move with ease. Not presenting a workshop or sent by work, I had the luxury of time and choice of experience. It was freeing to be a free agent and also lonely at times. Oppression divides us, logically the anti-dote is connection. I intellectually understand this yet struggle with embodying a new way of being. I remind myself that I am a trusting, connected and powerful woman. I'm grateful to be in community with you, however we each engage in the work of justice.