Race And Social Justice Work

Leadership Skills For Workplace Diversity

Join us Thursday, September 13th, 2018 8:30-4pm
2100 Building Seattle 
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As supervisors and leaders committed to equity in the workplace, how can we create a culture of belonging and more effective, accountable, and equitable organizations as we do it?

This training is intended to introduce to some and reinforce to others the fundamentals of implicit bias, power and privilege, and giving and receiving feedback in the context of power and privilege. As we work to develop and create multicultural workplaces, this workshop will challenge us to examine our beliefs, attitudes, and practices about the people with whom we have been tasked to lead.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

  1. A clear link between valuing equity and implementing it into leadership

  2. An understanding of personal bias and blindspots

  3. Skills and strategies for management grounded in power and privilege analysis

  4. Opportunities to infuse equity within the 6 areas of the HR employee lifecycle i.e. job descriptions, recruiting & retention and more!

  5. Strategies that can be implemented into your organization resulting in an immediate impact

Who will benefit from this workshop?

This experiential workshop is ideal for leaders interested in applying their basic knowledge of social justice, race, and bias to become more effective leaders in organizations of all sizes and at all stages of their development. All that’s needed is a commitment to develop or refine self-awareness practices on your team or within your organization. Participants should be in a position to enact change; this means supervisors, managers, directors, operations professionals, human resources professionals, executive directors, leaders of teams, or people with the capacity and energy to start making changes.

Organization Spotlight:
Social Justice Fund
Sign up for a giving project and transform how you think about money, class, race and community-based philanthropy.

In 2018 Social Justice Fund will lead people through a process of learning, community building, fundraising and grantmaking for social change through our 2018 Giving Projects. We’re excited to continue offering Giving Projects in Seattle and Portland. Our core model continues to be incredibly successful in developing leadership and moving money to social justice organizing. Each Giving Project guides members through a deep process of learning about race, class, fundraising, and social change.

Organizations I follow closely because their work is inspirational and useful:
Compass Point
Building Movements Project
Project South
Katal Center
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Center for Creative Leadership
Confronting White Womanhood
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