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Funders and Philanthropists Forum: Our role in sustainability, capacity building and equity

  • Impact Hub Seattle 220 2nd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 United States (map)

Funders and Philanthropists Forum:

We have a crucial and unique role to play in the work of furthering social good.

Sustainability, capacity building and equity work are at the forefront of our concerns.

We want to invest in work that will have a lasting impact long after our contributions are spent. To do this we get to look at the positional privilege we hold and what needs to shift to live in allignment with our values.

  • Less than 5% of people of color nationally are on boards of nonprofits

  • The 80/20 of program expenses to 'over head' rule is antiquiated and steeped in classism

  • Currently, the most money is about to be inherited by the next generation in the history of the US

We are ready to contribute and empower the people doing the work while the people most affected lead the way.


“The Privilege to Work for Pennies:

How martyrdom undermines equity in the Service Sectors”

The service sectors (education, government and nonprofit) are a thriving and vital force where amazing work is being done by inspired leaders in our community. All this work is wanted and needed.  However, burnout, staff turnover, changing funding landscape and lack of equity among staff and clients, are all issues that contribute to us spinning our wheels.

How can we shift from surviving to thriving?

How can we plan for sustainability when we are caught in a cycle of putting out fires?

You are invited to attend this experiential and collaborative workshop that will look at how martyrdom is undermining the long-term success of the sector and how we can contribute to a better outcome and sustainable liberation. 

How can we ensure racial and economic justice when the people in leadership do not represent those most affected?

Join me for an engaging and supportive group series addressing what's working, what's not working and solutions for it all!

Together, we’ll harness the experiences and expertise of the group to create fresh perspectives on:

●      Who is doing the work and how do issues of martyrdom affect equity?

●      Can there be true equity within a culture of charity and martyrdom?

●      Where do we find hope and inspiration?

●      What contributes to widespread systemic, sector transformation and change?