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HR, equity and the new labor law

Human Resources, Equity and the New Labor Law: How does this impact you?

Some of you in the nonprofit sector may or may not be aware of the revised Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that becomes effective as of December 1, 2016.  These changes will not only affect employees but employers as well.  In this pilot workshop, we will review the new important changes of FLSA and how it affects your organization's bottom-line and values. Specifically we will address the connection between the labor law and issues of equity and sustainability.  

How does this impact you?:

  • Economic and racial equity

  • Work culture and work load

  • Staff morale and turn-over: paying people for their overtime may decrease turn-over

  • Job classification

  • Program quality and service delivery capacity

  • Ethics: accurate tracking and report of over-time hours

  • Bottom line: how does this affect your budget?

  • Risks of not being in compliance

What this new ruling will do:

  • More than double the salary threshold to $913/week or $47,476/annually

  • Automatically update the salary threshold every 3 years

  • Strengthen overtime protection for exempt workers who aren't currently eligible for overtime

  • Ensure overtime eligibility for 4.2 million workers nationwide, resulting in $1.2 billion dollars in additional wages paid

There are significant decisions to be made, be sure you are making them with all the information you need.

Co-Led by Keonna Jackson, Fleur Larsen. and Toi Sing Woo

2100 Building 2100 24th ave S Seattle