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HR and Equity Webinar 4/6/17

April 6th 2017 12-1pm

Human Resource work has the potential to be a powerful arena for an organization to live its’ values. The core of HR is taking care of the humans who work hard to meet the mission and serve their clients. When this is in alignment with equity, transformation is possible. Everyone benefits when diversity and inclusion are at the center of HR. This workshop will review 6 key areas within HR to increase equity, live your organization’s values and better serve your community.

Employee Equity Arc 6 key points: job posting, hiring, on-boarding, performance evaluation, retention, stay/exit interview.

Join us for this interactive workshop, together we are smarter and stronger.

Together, we can create a working environment that is fulfilling, empowering and successful.

April 6th 2017 12-1pm Register here.

About HR and Equity:

We work with leadership and HR professionals to improve and integrate HR administration to be the place that takes care of your people. We support the HR team to actualize your values of equity. You value equity, diversity and inclusion. You want to improve your current HR practices.

We can support you.

About the presenters:

Keonna Jackson is a multi-passionate Human Resources consultant for small to medium sized companies, with the unique skill of advocating for both the employer and employee. With over 15 years of human resources expertise, she is your strategic and tactical HR solutions business partner. She works with leadership to streamline HR administration, as well as provide solutions to ensure the mission, vision, and goals of the organization are met by applying fair and equitable practices.

Fleur Larsen is a facilitator with 20 years of experience working with corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations.  From board retreats, staff trainings and off-site workshops at the challenge course, her work as a facilitator is focused on team building, emotional intelligence, social justice, experiential education and community development. Together we enhance your ability to take action and see results.