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Embodied Liberation: Wellness Communities and Social Justice

  • 2100 Building 2100 24th Avenue Southeast Seattle United States (map)

Embodied Liberation: Wellness Communities and Social Justice

A gathering for people of color and white folks to engage in a training on issues of racial equity and the Seattle wellness community (including mindfulness, embodiment, health and other practices).

This daylong workshop is for anyone committed to wellness, mindfulness, and social justice- including but not limited to instructors, studio owners, teacher trainers, practitioners, etc.  Embodiment practices like yoga and breathwork and meditation are tools to stay engaged in creating inclusive spaces by confronting our own biases.

You’ve had glimpses of personal liberation from your own practices, and have desire to know how to be part of the solution for racial equity. There is a collective need to recognize the harm that wellness communities have caused. 

You are on a spiritual path of awakening, and you want to go deeper within a context of power and privilege.

You’ve healed, or are healing, your body, mind and spirit and want to connect to community and accountability. 

You’re in a position of leadership, with a platform, and want to reduce harm to live your values more fully. We will move towards new collective models of liberation by starting with ourselves and with community.

You are on a spiritual path of awakening of your own relationship to power and privilege and want to explore integration and liberation while in community.

Learning outcomes: We will be centering racial equity explicitly but not exclusively.

Unpacking how power and privilege show up in our practice, Shared terminology, Centering equity and inclusion in our embodiment practices, the 'Big business of wellness', Mapping people's personal body and yoga experience to social justice principles.

Register here. Cost: FREE- People of Color; $50- Students and Low Income; $75-white folks

5% of proceeds will go to Real Rent Duwamish