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Building Resilience in Mixed Race Workplaces

Building Resilience in Mixed Race Workplaces

July 20th 8:30-4:30pm POC $75 White Folks $150

Location TBD in Seattle area

We are a global population; with highly skilled professionals from vast cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This has continued to grow for decades, creating a need for organizations to transform work environments to be just and equitable. Often the burden of cultural shift falls on those who are recruited in an effort to “diversify”. This trend has its pitfalls and often leads to organizations unable to retain what few people of color, LGBTQIA+ persons, and disabled persons they may recruit.In order to elevate or avoid this burden, whiteness needs to be named and identified, white people get to unlearn oppressive norms and learn new skills for allyship and being accomplices.

For those oppressed, we will support building strategies for healing, resilience, and liberation from internalized oppression. Through dialogue and activities, this workshop will support participants progress at all levels of their journey.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding and awareness of the oppressive patterns in many workplaces;

  • Gain tools to create a work culture that supports all peoples working to their fullest potential;

  • Strategies on how to supervise equitably building a leadership ladder that will support the long-term growth of a multiracial multicultural staff;

  • Practice tools to actively be a part of building an inclusive and equitable culture.

This training will be a place of connection and healing centering POC voices and experiences while being a mixed race space. Drawing from circle process, experiential learning, popular education, and art of hosting techniques to guide our collective learning and liberation.

This training is for people already engaged in creating liberated workplaces and want to go deeper with more impactful strategies for eliminating white supremacy.

The Facilitators:

Regent Brown

Regent is a multiracial, multicultural, dynamic, unapologetic womxn who seeks to be a partner in the personal and organizational transformation needed for culture change; a partner on the journey toward equitable thriving communities. Regent works with those who wish to impact change by looking internally- acknowledging our role in change and then move through difficult learning to remove barriers to reaching our furthest potential. Regent's belief is that true transformation comes through the collective impact of transforming one's self. Through authentic dialogue, peacemaking circles, conflict resolution, and skill development, we partner to build a culture of belonging, accountability and collective leadership that can foster such opportunities of change. Regent’s personal and leadership coaching offer tools and strategies to deepen racial equity and anti-oppression strategies to promote multicultural, inclusive and sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives. Regent also works in service to community through restorative circles and conflict resolution facilitation.

Fleur Larsen started facilitating 20 years ago on challenge course programs with youth and adults. Her style is based on sharp analysis, flexible thinking, joy, and purposeful results. Her work is relationship-based with connection, collaboration, and community as integral elements to reach goals. Currently, she works with several corporate and nonprofit groups facilitating retreats, trainings, and workshops in addition to one on one coaching.

Fleurs work as a facilitator is focused on equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education and community development.