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Lenses of culture, Levels of change: Co-creating Educational Equity with White Educators

  • Seattle, WA, United States (map)

Join us May 5th 10-4pm Register here

We are living on the edge of major cultural shifts in our country and indeed the world. We are recognizing more than ever our interdependence with one another, the importance of valuing which of our differences make a difference and learning how to find common ground with each other intellectually and emotionally.

The next generation of students is living in real time through a national dialogue on change, diversity, and equity. Businesses, higher education institutions, and community groups are all wrestling with what it means to be inclusive, diverse, authentic and equitable. Groups that are succeeding are realizing they must empower each individual educators to be a leader and that teams of leaders working together go further.

This workshop is for white educators who want to examine their own whiteness and the white culture of their schools to better serve all students. People of color are welcome and encouraged to attend for free. As white educators ourselves, we do this work in accountability to our own colleagues of color and anti-racist organizations and communities.

Learning objectives for this training:

  • Examine mindsets and assumptions about what it takes to be an inclusive white teacher

  • Explore the connection between organizational culture, unconscious bias and how they affect your behavior and student engagement

  • Practice with authentic dialogue and conflict resolution to have courageous conversations surrounding race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, etc.

This training is experiential and will focus on each individual participant to critically self-reflect and assess the educational institution they teach in. It is needed for all of us to think about how we learn, think and feel when putting our minds on issues of equity and diversity. If it was about reading the right article, listening to the best speaker or implementing the latest 3 tips then we would all have done it by now. So come prepared to look inward to better equip you when teaching outward.

Tiered pricing: 
Early childhood educators $125, 
Elementry/Middle school $145, 
High school $160, 

Nonprofit/Trainers $160
Higher Education $185

Registration here.

Accountability:  People of color are welcome and encouraged to attend for free

Noah and Fleur are committed to being accountable as white folks doing anti-racist work. We are in relationship with colleagues and friends of color, organizations led by people of color and communities leading liberation and anti-racism work. We are open and honest about our own blindspots and racism as we lead authentically with other white people.