When we work together, we create the space for people and organizations to meaningfully engage with issues of equity to increase our impact, improve client services, and live our values.

Team Development

Team Development

Equity Trainings

Equity Trainings

HR and Equity Assessment

HR and Equity Assessment

I facilitate the conditions for people to do their best work.  I hold the container to critically examine systems and culture while engaging in crucial conversations based on a strong foundation of connection and trust. 

The root of the word 'facilitation' is from the

Latin word facilis meaning β€œto make easy.”

As a facilitator I help forward your work by running a smooth agenda, and assist the progress and goals for a         group or individual.

Mary Cadera, Vulcan
Fleur is a strong facilitator who keeps diverse groups on track. She is able to read a room, understand what people need to say, and provide them with an opportunity to contribute. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her to any team looking to push their discussions to the next level.
— Mary Cadera, Sr. Manager, Business Strategy and Analysis at Vulcan Inc.

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Fleur is a natural leader who gives a team clear direction to work towards. She is also an intuitive facilitator who is able to take advantage of unexpected teachable moments while keeping a group moving forward. She has a special knack for working with people and really brings a sense of joy to her work.
— Joey Pauley, Adventura and Associates

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