You value equity, diversity and inclusion.

You want to improve your current HR practices.

We can support you

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Training and Development

If 'culture eats strategy for breakfast,' then investing in your company’s culture and people is essential.
From HR management, staff coaching to organization wide retreats our trainings focus on diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, and community development.

Together we enhance your ability to take action and see results.

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Equity assessment

We offer full service equity assessment and handbook review. Quickly learn what opportunities there are to seamlessly live your values of equity and diversity.

6 key areas to transform HR and increase equity:

  • Job posting

  • Hiring process

  • On-boarding

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Promotion and retention

  • Stay/Exit interview

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Compliance & Risk management

 HR is a very important business partner inside and outside of the HR office in the keys areas of how employees are hired, fired, paid, leaves of absence, ADA, military personnel, employee relations, compensation and benefits. In our increasing litigious society, we help protect people and organizations to better serve clients, meet the mission and improve the bottom line.

I collaborate with Keonna Jackson, an HR Consultant. From hiring to evaluating, HR is a place for an organization to live its values.

Together we are HR and Equity Consulting Firm, we provide handbook assessments, training and toolkits to increase your diversity.

Let's look at your HR and your success.


Keonna Jackson is a multi-passionate Human Resources consultant for small to medium sized companies, with the unique skill of advocating for both the employer and employee. With over 15 years of human resources expertise, she is your strategic and tactical HR solutions business partner. She works with leadership to streamline HR administration, as well as provide solutions to ensure the mission, vision, and goals of the organization are met by applying fair and equitable practices.


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