You value equity, diversity and inclusion.


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Training & Development


If 'culture eats strategy for breakfast,' then investing in your company’s culture and people is essential.

From HR management, staff coaching to organization-wide retreats, our trainings focus on diversity and inclusion, team-building, emotional intelligence, and community development.

Together we enhance your ability to take action and see results.

Equity Assessment


We offer full-service equity assessments and handbook reviews. Quickly learn what opportunities there are to seamlessly live your values of equity and diversity.

Six key areas to transform HR and increase equity:

  • Job posting

  • Hiring process

  • Onboarding

  • Performance evaluation

  • Promotion and retention

  • Stay/exit interview

Compliance & Risk Management


HR is a very important business partner inside and outside of the HR office, in the keys areas of how employees are hired, fired, paid, leaves of absence, ADA, military personnel, employee relations, compensation, and benefits. In our increasingly litigious society, we help protect people and organizations to better serve clients, meet the mission, and improve the bottom line.

I collaborate with Andrea Lising Paull, an HR + equity consultant. From hiring to evaluating performance, HR is a place for an organization to live its values.

Together we provide handbook assessments, training, and toolkits to increase your diversity.

Let's look at your HR and your success.

Andrea has facilitated workshops centered on racial equity, building cultural capacity and transformation for the past 15 years. She has dedicated her life to supporting leaders who are committed to creating extraordinary results towards a just + equitable world.

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