$150.00 USD

A Workshop on Community Centric Fundraising Principle #6

What would be possible for our relationships and communities if we courageously address the topics we've been avoiding? Successful movements require challenging conversations - what would be possible if we could get through those moments in a generative and loving way? What does it look like to have some of the conversations we’ve been avoiding or are afraid to have?

Join us for the launch of a two-part series on difficult conversations, centered around principle #6 of the Community Centric Fundraising principles. These transformative workshops will take place on May 23rd and June 6th, from 10am-12pm PST

Many of us shy away from challenging conversations, fearing potential strain on relationships with donors, colleagues, or friends. As a result, embracing this principle often proves to be one of the most daunting yet impactful steps in our journey.

To enact meaningful change, we must confront the characteristics of white supremacy culture that perpetuate fear of conflict, perfectionism, and the pressure to always be "nice." By shattering our fragility, we unlock the path to liberation and authentic connection.

*While this isn’t an intro to CCF we welcome white folks who are on a journey around anti-racism work.