There is an individual call to action to create systemic-wide transformation.

I lead several open enrollment workshops throughout the year centering around social justice on the individual and organizational level. Areas I focus on are equity, social justice, education, board retreats, nonprofit and organizational development, team building, challenge course and experiential, and change makers. 

Below are recent offerings:

The privilege to work for pennies: how martyrdom undermines equity work

I guide the participants (both individuals and whole organizations) to move away from the effects of martyrdom like burn-out, turnover, low morale to a powerful position of meaningful contribution, creating a work culture of abundance, excellence and lasting change. We do this through an equity (racial, gender, class, and more) lens covering topics of power and privilege, and systems of oppression.

We look at how these issues are connected:

  • Equity: race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation

  • Martyrdom

  • Sustainability

  • Capacity Building

My clients move from ‘burnout’ to an engaged position of gratitude and contribution. In our experiential trainings, people connect with and process ideas in diads, small groups, all group discussions, brainstorm and solution listing. Working through a social justice lens we learn and share life experiences connecting the relationship between 'martyr', diversity, and equity work.

This workshop was a reminder of why I do this work and what it means to help vs. support.
We get to keep choosing this work and figuring out how to do it sustainably.
There were lots of opportunities for self-reflection, a space to get in touch with my individual ‘why’ am I doing this work and what’s driving me?
— From workshop participant


Funders and Philanthropists Forum: Our role in sustainability, capacity building and equity

We have a crucial and unique role to play in the work of furthering social good. Sustainability, capacity building and equity work are at the forefront of our concerns. We want to invest in work that will have a lasting impact long after our contributions are spent. To do this we get to look at the positional privilege we hold and what needs to shift to live in alignment with our values.

  • Less than 5% of people of color nationally are on boards of nonprofits

  • The 80/20 of program expenses to 'over head' rule is antiquated and steeped in classism

  • The most money is about to be inherited by a new generation of young donors


Executive Directors and Board Members: positional authority for equity

80% of Nonprofit staff are white serving 60% people of color

5% of nonprofit boards members are people of color

These numbers tell us something about who is doing the work within nonprofits leading us to the next question of are the norms of this dominant group affecting the outcomes of the work?

In this workshop we will look at the positional authority we hold as well as the specific issues we face around race, sustainability and capacity building within the nonprofit sector. We will spend time together in all group discussion, small group dialogue and in pairs. We will also hold break out groups for white people (led by a white person) and people of color (led by a POC) to create space for authentic sharing through a racial justice lens. 

Executive Directors are doing amazing work leading staff, fundraising and holding all the pieces for the organization to meet its' mission. As board members, the key leadership volunteers, we are responsible for the financial health of the organization and give our time to serve the mission and want to see it thrive.

From these positions, we will look through a racial justice lens at how our role can be pivotal in creating and maintaining a work culture that embodies the values of the organization while carrying out the mission sustainably.

‘This is one of the most useful workshops I have attended, I enjoyed the day!
— Seattle YMCA


White women's caucus group: be accountable for our privilege and own our personal agency

For female socialized or identifying white women, join me for an engaging and supportive group series addressing martyrdom, racism, sexism and equity. We will look at the intersectionality of white privilege/supremacy, internalized sexism and patriarchy.

Each week will be focused on a specific topic with readings, break-out groups, and whole group time. Let's talk about what's working, what's not working and solutions for it all!  Session one: Martyrdom, sexism and Internalized sexism. Session two: White Privilege: our oppressor material. Session three: Solutions- personal, professional and community wide.

‘Looking at martyrdom and equity is a really valuable topic for people in nonprofits, I highly recommend it.’
— Washington Nonprofits
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