Passionate, powerful and impactful work begins with you.

Your personal empowerment is in service to collective liberation.







One-on-one Coaching


Is this you?

Are you white and grappling with what racial equity work looks like for you?

Are you committed to living your values both personally and professionally?

Did you love your work when you first started and now are a disgruntled employee?

Do you feel burnt out?

Are you getting paid what you are worth?

Do you ever work overtime for free?

Does your job description encapsulate everything you actually do?

Do you believe in diversity and social justice?

Are you in a position of privilege perhaps because of your race, education, class, or position of authority?

Are your clients facing challenges you never or barely have had to navigate?

Do you want to feel empowered to give authentically?

Are you white and looking for support around ant-racist allyship? And want to be accountable while leveraging your power and privilege?


Let's work together to shift this equation from hopeless to fired-up.

Let's move from resignation to gratitude, so you can live your values courageously and powerfully.

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