Meet Fleur


I am a Seattle-based facilitator and seasoned consultant in the nonprofit sector with a background in education and counseling. My 20 years of experience has given me a perspective on what is needed to move our sector from a cycle of putting out fires, to a movement based in lasting equity and empowerment. In my commitment as a social justice facilitator, I bring strong skills and experience in community-building, power and privilege, and liberation work. 


I partner with several companies utilizing challenge and experiential facilitation with corporate and nonprofit groups. People often learn better by doing. Experiential facilitation engages and activates more parts of the brain. My style is based on sharp analysis, flexible thinking, fun, purpose and results. My work is relationship-based with connection, collaboration, and community as integral elements to reach results.

photo of Fleur Larsen

My professional life has been in youth development for over 20 years. I've worked with foster care youth, wilderness therapy, early childhood education, middle school girls, and college leadership programs. Recently, I was at Seattle Girls' School for five years, a middle school based on anti-bias curriculum, dedicated to being accessible to all families.

In 2000, I co-founded Skate Like a Girl which now has three chapters in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. This was my heart and soul for eight years. More than just teaching girls and women to skateboard, we built a community based on values of social justice. 

I’m from Seattle and grew up on a boat in Lake Union with my dad and in an apartment on Queen Anne with my mom. I grew up sailing and snowboarding in the Northwest. I dedicated 15 years to teaching youth and adults to connect to their personal power and natural environment on the water and in the mountains. I care deeply about this city, our shared future, and the issues and influences shaping our local economy, politics, and social culture.