CCF Principles for White Women in Nonprofits:

Short Workshops on Select Principles 

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December 12 
January 18
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Fleur Larsen and Michelle Muri

White supremacy culture permeates all of our institutions and workspaces. The burden of dismantling these systems cannot fall to people of color alone. Join us for an engaging workshop for white women in nonprofits who are committed to anti-racism. 

Do you want to use your gatekeeping status to make big impacts within your organization and the sector overall? Anchored in the Community Centric Fundraising Principles, we will utilize our role as gatekeepers to advance racial equity and be the partners and allies our communities need.

You belong here if you are looking for/need/want:

  • A place to be honest about your racial equity struggles and mistakes
  • To be in community with other white women to learn from and with
  • Grounding to be in community with like-minded folx
  • Learning to unpack and divest from white supremacy and ‘helping’ identity
  • Dedicated time to focus on the CCF principles and analyze your reaction (healing, uncovering biases) while also considering ways to implement them at my workplace.

This workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about the 8 month cohort we will be hosting in Feb if you want to deepen your learning and increase your impact.

Dec 12

10 - 11a PDT

White Women in Nonprofits

Jan 18

10 - 11a PDT

White Women in Nonprofits

About Michelle Muri

Ignited by a beautiful volunteer experience, Michelle has crafted her career through 15 years of resource generation through social justice movements. Her successes and tenure at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, now the largest immigrant rights org in the nation, fostered a critical lens towards fundraising and a deep love of community solidarity.
She believes there is deep power and personal healing in the work of generating resources from a values-aligned space.

Michelle is the founder of Freedom Conspiracy and Co-Founder of Community-Centric Fundraising.